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Production Management

Production Management is one of the most significant functions in any of the manufacturing enterprise. Our solution will be catering to your requirement of production management and operations as per your business process. You need to have cost advantage and achieve price leadership in order to have competitive advantage. 

We can design and implement some of the main tools like Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Material (BOM), Production Planning and Costing, Production Scheduling, Process Definition, Program Definition, Process and Program Execution, Machines Handling, Job Worker Handling etc., to achieve competitive advantage. Production Department of your enterprise could be tailored made as per your requirements so that the System works as per your business process and not otherwise.

Our Solutions

Planned use of Information Technology is the platform where successful businesses are created. 

In the era of technology, successful organizations are built through clear understanding of emerging technology and how the business can benefit from the use of it. 

·         Keeping the above in mind, Odyssey provides innovative solutions to complex problems through intelligent management of technology.

·         There is no one size fits all solution when it come to Technology.

·         Your requirements need to be tailored to give you the best fit so that it works in real business situations. We provide solutions that make your business process efficient and give edge over your competitors.

·         We at Odyssey recognize the intricacies of different business and aim to provide simple and user-friendly solutions.

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Software Development

Odyssey specializes in customized software development for all your business needs.

A number of software development methodologies are in use. Our project management identifies the specific nature of the project at hand and then selects the best application development methodology.

We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time, encouraging collaboration, promoting technical excellence and being continuously adaptable. Our projects use commonly accepted plan-driven software development methods that are, however, sufficiently flexible and adaptable to allow the developers to make late changes in the project specifications. specializes in customized Software Development for all your business needs. A number of software development methodologies are in use. Our project management identifies the specific nature of the project at hand and then selects the best applicable development methodology.

At Odyssey, the relationship and cooperation between our developers and our clients is given due recognition. The negotiation process itself is viewed as a means of achieving and maintaining a viable relationship. We are a reputed IT solution provider and believe in putting our main strength of application development to optimum use. Our philosophy promotes recognition of people as the primary drivers of project success coupled with effectiveness and adaptability in our work methods.

About Odyssey

Odyssey is a Software Development company serving the Indian market for more than 22 years. It was founded in 1988 with the idea to provide high quality software development solutions for both local and international markets at very competitive rates.

Odyssey applies modern software development processes and practices specifically tailored to the offshore services model where communication and process visibility for customer are two critical success factors. Based on the experience of number of successfully completed projects the company established a defined and repeatable development process methodologies.

Based on this process Odyssey created superior quality software using a wide range of modern technologies, including web, 2- and 3-tier, desktop applications that are now used in the retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Distribution networks and other industries.

Product Design Development
Odyssey creates innovative, market-leading software products for our customers.We partner at any phase of the software product life cycle from concept to production launch and support. We provide a number of support services including prototype development, user documentation, quality assurance, customer support, and pre- and post-sales support and training.

Web Design Development
At odyssey, we have experts in Design, HTML and Flash that have worked at some of the reputed clients all over India. 

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