Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Search Engine Optimization Company In India | Odyssey Web Development

We at Odyssey are responsive to the customer needs, and divert all our attention towards curbing the inquisitiveness of consumers through innovative solutions. We create high level of reliability in our business solutions such as search engine OptimizationCompany in India. While you focus on your core business process, we strengthen your services with innovative design and strategy services to maximize social impact.

We offer new and dynamic web designing services, a wide range of web related technology solutions such as professional programming website both, in India and overseas.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Search Engine Optimization Company In Delhi | Search Engine Optimization Company In India

Are you thinking to launch a new website or to remodel your web design? Have you taken steps for make your website SEO friendly? After the perfect implementation of SEO features in website, it becomes the guarantee of huge success in your business. At Odyssey, the search engine optimization company in Delhi can suggest few steps which can prove to be SEO essentials for your new website.

First of all you should make your website platform support the canonical tag on the pages, as it allows the user to eliminate duplicate content. At Odyssey the leading search engine optimization company in India we make sure that duplicate content is eliminated from website before we start work on SEO.

Secondly an XML site map is an essential method of interacting with the various search engines through their webmaster tool utilities. At Odyssey the Search Engine Company Delhi based in India we believe that Google crawling becomes effective with XML site map instead of HTML site map.

You should have unique Title Tags for all the pages of your website. A customize title tag will tell the search engine what the page is about. At Odyssey, the SEO company in India, we gave customised title tags to every page for their distinguished identity over world wide web.

To provide a clear insight about your page for Search Engine is done by Meta-Descriptions tags.  You should select a catchy and informative Meta Description for your website that convinces the users to visit your webpage. At Odyssey, the SEO company in Delhi we make sure that meta tags should have all keywords to be used for website.

We at Odyssey, the search engine optimization company also make sure that your navigation links are working properly and clickable in every condition. For example, A clickable path from the landing page of the store finder to the individual stores is the most notable way.

Content headers on each page should be customized to make your website visible in SEO.

Odyssey always works efficiently on not only these points but also many more to secure good rank for your website. We always do our best for your brand new platform and by the action in right direction help you in acquiring top ranking in all reputed Search Engines.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Website Development Company India | Website Development Company Delhi

A well-equipped website with latest techniques of web designing, does more than just work, it works well for both who consumes it and those who assembled it.  Odyssey a website development company has talented Web Designer and Developers uses latest techniques to make an efficient website for you.

1. Bootstrap framework: It helps in the Web Development and gives guaranty of its access on a number of platforms. Odyssey website development company in Delhi works on bootstrap framework from day one on your website.

2. Hamburger Menu:  Hamburger is a menu that carries three parallel horizontal lines which provides a helping bar for navigating to other section of web based application. This is becoming very trendy technique as many apps and social networking site using it. We at Odyssey website development company in India specialise in such kind of menus.

3. Responsive Technique:  Another fast developing technique for Web Designing is the Responsive Technique which is very much mobile friendly and increased use of smartphone makes it more popular for Web Design. Being Responsiveness in the action is the developers to create a page, accessible on any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. We at Odyssey a website designing company work on responsive websites only. 

4. Call to Action Button:   Provoking the audience for immediate response with slogans like- “Call now”, “visit us now”, “get to know us better” is called Call to Action Button (CTA). By this we give an opportunity to people to react on message or offers listed over our website. At Odyssey website designing company in Delhi we make sure that such elements are incorporated at design level only.

These efficacious techniques in Web Design are must for optimal user satisfaction.