Thursday, 14 May 2020

A Professional Business Website Leads A Successful Business

A website plays a very significant role in one’s business success. A professional business website generates leads and customers for your business. Website structure, design and content directly impact your lead generating efforts.

Web analytics help any type of business in different ways. It identifies the target audience, improves bounce rate and increases ROI (Return on investment). You can easily measure your efforts with the help of web analytics reports. The report will show you which effort is profitable and where is improvement required. With analytics report and effective strategies, you can take your business to the next level.

How much you are good in offline business. It doesn’t matter.  To survive in the digital world, you have to take the necessary steps to grow your business online.

Web analytics tool has become more beneficial for any business to assess its online presence. A web analytics solution can help in several things like the source of visitors, number of visitors, page views and so on.

Web analytics can help you analyses the various key performance indicators that help to drive your business by monitoring:-

1.Measure Web Traffic

Web analytics helps to measure visitor’s count and their location and which keywords they are using to search for products and services. It also shows the different sources from where visitors are coming like search engines (Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla etc.), Devices (Desktop, Mobiles, iPad and so on), emails, Social media and ads and referral site, paid campaigns and direct traffic (by clicking on website URLs).

2.Visitors Count

Web analytics shows the number of visitors, their time spends on a website or particular webpage. It also provides you with the visitors’ location and language, age group, new users and already exists users and number of sessions.

3.Track Bounce Rate

In web analytics, a bounce is when users visit your website and leave the page in no time without going to other pages. Bounce rate can be calculated by total bounce divided by total visits on the website. The average session duration is low. So you have to trace your Bounce rate. Lower the bounce rate, higher the traffic and leads. You can decrease bounce rate by making your website user-friendly, informative, mobile-friendly, add attractive media (images, videos, info graphics etc.), easy to navigate and enrich with fresh and unique content.

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